European Championship Splash Blue / Red

July 2023

Stellendam - NL

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The story of the Splash (BLUE)

General features of the Splash
The Splash is a modern, but certainly not an extreme design. The stem is almost vertical, making the waterline as long as possible. The boat is not excessively wide and has a deep cockpit, in which a sailor will find plenty of room to move.

Along the cockpit sole there are two hiking straps, which are adjustable in height. The hull is slightly V-shaped with a low, vertical transom. The deck is longer and wider than the hull, providing a grab rail all around the boat, which makes carrying considerably easier. The foredeck and aftdeck are large and the side decks provide a good sitting position. The centreboard trunk is positioned in front of the forward bulkhead of the cockpit and the board can be adjusted by means of a piece of shock cord.


The long, narrow centreboard completely fills the trunk with its streamlined section. The rudder is slightly balanced, making the boat very light on the helm.

The inexpensive, international ISAF
one-design class for youngsters

          Specifications Splash

          Length     : 3.55 m
          Beam       : 1.30 m
          Draught   : 0.72 m
          Weight     : 55 kg
          Sail area   : 6.3m2

The unstayed tapered mast is stepped in a mast cavity in the foredeck, in which it can rotate freely. The sail can easily be trimmed while sailing and water is removed from the cockpit by means of a self-bailer as soon as the speed increases. A mooring line can be attached to a stem fitting.

Because of its weight (52 kgs) the Splash is easy to move around and it can be car topped. The Splash is supplied in all colours and multi-coloured hulls are no problem.
Strict one-design keeps the costs down and fun up. The Splash rules prohibit all changes unless the rules specifically allow this. This means that there is no difference between an old and a new one. Only the best sailor will win!

Two persons can easily carry the Splash to the water's edge and one can do the rigging. A grown-up can board via the foredeck, so a child will certainly be able to do so. Once on board you will find that the Splash is very stable. While sailing, the Splash is very sensitive, very light on the helm, accelerating quickly and sailing close to the wind. The boom is high enough to pass underneath without danger. In gusts the boat is very forgiving and does not capsize easily. If it should do so, it rolls over very slowly, so that it can easily be righted before it is up side down. When righted, very little water remains in the cockpit. The bailer will remove this at once when the boat accelerates. The sail controls are led aft to the sailor and the view is unobstructed all around. Continuous halyard means the sail can be lowered and raised with the mast up.

The Splash won't disappoint you on any point: the ideal dinghy for the sailor who has grown out of the Optimist. And maybe you can lend it to your parents when there is a lot of wind. A modern, lively yet well-mannered single-hander, offering the excitement of fast-planing performance to a wide range of crew ages and weights.

The Splash world-wide
Splashes can be found all over the world. There are already about 2000 boats been sold in the following countries: Germany; Switzerland; Belgium; Italy; Spain; Greece; Poland; Australia; New Zealand; U.S.A.; The Netherlands; Lithuania; Canada; Mexico; France; Singapore; Japan; United Kingdom. Also visit (SCIA) and (Builder).