European Championship Splash Blue / Red

July 2023

Stellendam - NL

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SCIA has a trailer with six (6) Splashes available for hire to Splash NCAs and other groups wanting to promote the Splash classes. INEO is sponsoring the trailer for SCIA. SCIA has with this great support from INEO and Jachtwerf-Heeg, the possibility to promote Splash sailing in Europe.

The boats on the trailer are:
– 4 Splashes owned by SCIA 
– 2 Splashes owned by Jachtwerf Heeg.  (ready for selling)

The trailer is available for hire by groups who pay the required deposit.

The trailer can be rented by existing Splash NCAs and countries wanting to form a Splash NCA. 

It can also be used at events supported by SCIA or one of its members; these uses will be determined by SCIA.

NCAs or other organizations can request the use of the trailer, which will be approved by SCIA subject to the conditions set out in this document.  (<-< click there)

The promotion of sailing the overall Splash Class (Splash Blue, Red and Green). 
Attracting new sailors through the provision of the trailer on request.  

The opportunity to attract additional sailors in major competitions.
To build extra training programs at NCAs and societies  

Singing the transfer contract from INEO to SCIA on wednesday july, 9th - 2014Signing Left to right : Frank Doevendans: President SCIA,  Geert Wyma: director Jachtwerf-Heeg, Luuk Feikens: boardmember INEO.


 The first to SCIA boats are already on the trailer.