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July 2022

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New for the WC Splash 2019

Geplaatst op 14-03-2019  -  Categorie: Default

World Championship Splash  - Newsletter February 2019

As you all know, we planned the 2019 Splash Worlds & Eurocup Red to be held in Nieuwpoort - Belgium,   between July 21 and July 27.

However - due to a large buildingsite in the channel "de IJzer', from the venue to open sea, we cannot have our Worlds in Nieuwpoort.
Therefore we had to move our championship to another site. After severall discussions and talks with Belgium locations we decided that our 2019 championship is in Holland with our foreseen Belgium Commitee from the RYCB from Antwerp and Nieuwpoort.

The RYCB has also 2 locations in Holland, one in Cadzand and the other one in Wolphaartsdijk. This committee is wel know with the Belgium waters aswell with the Dutch waters. They also work for the United 4 agenda as for the Zeeland regatta and other events in Holland and in Belgium.

This is the first Newsletter with info about the program, the application, where and how to stay, the activities and sponsors. All information can also be found on: Subscribtion will be open in a few days we hope. Keep your eye on the website. 

Coaches and parents (coaches sailors) can fill the coachform when available. Do not forget to add the sailors (numbers) you are coaching.

Date: 21 – 27 July Kamperland       Location: Oosterschelde - Netherlands 


  • Friday:          Registration and Maesuring
  • Saturday:      Registration, Measuring
  • Sunday:        Registration, Measuring and Practice Race
  • Monday:       3 races
  • Tuesday:      3 races
  • Wednesday: 3 races
  • Thursday:     Reserved day 
  • Friday :        Gold and Silver fleet; 3 races
  • Saturday:     Gold and Silver fleet: 2 races

Notice of race (NOR). In the splash-nor-wk-2019-4.pdf  all details can be found.



You can fill in the application form.

Standard registration until june 30st. Check it out now.



There are campsites near to the Venue Location. The campsite is for tents, caravans and campers. Check out the page with Camping information. We already have lots of info on the SplashWorlds website.


 Join in, in this great Championship of Splash