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July 2023

Stellendam - NL

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The Zeeland climate is a temperate maritime climate that is under great influence of the sea. The summers are pleasant but never really hot, the winter is mild with an average temperature that rarely drops below freezing. A temperate maritime climate is also characterized by the large number of rainy days per month. A warm sea current of the Atlantic Ocean also has a big influence on this province. The average sea temperature here is slightly higher in the summer and slightly lower in the winter than on the rest of the Dutch coast. This is because the sea here is less deep and because of this the influence of the sun plays a greater role.


Temperature July


Average maxium temperature 21 ° C
Average minimum temperature 15 ° C
Average number of hours of sunshine per day 7 hours
Average amount mm raindrops 61 - 100 mm
Average water temperature (° C) 18 ° C